Thursday, April 23, 2009

Parcel from ♥ home sweet home ♥ has finally arrived!!

Sent this parcel the day before I left for Melbourne which was on the 18th of February.
Finally after 2 months plus swimming through Indian (?) Ocean my 12 kg parcel with winter clothes and boots and (forgotten) has finally arrived to our apartment in Melbourne~!!

The phone rang around 9.15am this morning, and it sounded in my dream since my usual morning call is not earlier than 10.30am. Initially i chose to ignore it and suddenly I realized THAT COULD BE MY PARCEL FROM HOME! I jotted off from bed and rushed to the phone WOOLLLAHHH! Indeed it was the postman saying that there's a delivery weeeeee!

Without at least washing my face I took the key and dashed out the house and GUESS WHAT! The lift wasn't working and it hasn't been working since yesterday and I ran 5 floors down and CARRIED THE 12KG PARCEL 5 FLOORS UP round off applause to me! =_____="

By the time I reached back my room I was panting for air. Yes back to sleep until 12pm before printing out Architectural Practice feedback and off to Uni for Cho's tutorial, my favourite class of the semester :)

Still in Uni and am of course excited to open the parcel later today

Dee ensuring the parcel arrive Melbourne in one piece :)
~thanks dee~

Random photos with rojak found in the same folder.
I MISS ROJAK AND LAKSA T__________________T

P/s: Watched SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE (finally) last night and after watching I heard Ruth humming JaiHo without her watching the movie and she said it was the new song by PussycatDolls!
What a coincidence!

(You Are My Destiny)

Slumdog Millionaire, truly depict the essence of India and
for me it's kinda DejaVu on my India trip *click* back in the year 2007.


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