Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Me am Online woohoohoO~!

I know it has been a while!

It seems like it has been ages when I last updated my blog although it was only through the weekend + 2 days. Out to the city for the past few days oh wait am living in the city and while waiting for the bus to Aunty Chooi Nee’s for Oriental Chicken Rice guess who we met! One of the dancers from this season’s SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE! I was walking towards the bus stop infront of QV Mall while Ruth and Jessmine busy eating sushi they just bought when I saw a familiar, yet not-so-familiar face on the street. Thanks to the B-ion cereals I’ve been taking (which enhances observation 'power' the advertisement states so) I figured who he was despite the fact of not-having-a-tv back in the apartment I know how pathetic T__T and quickly dashed out my handy camera from my bag woohoohoo~!

Sleepy heads on the street with superstar.
errr...forgotten his name @@"
am very bad with names pardon me :(

Chicken Rice @ Aunty Chooi Nee's!
me, Zoe, Melysa, Jessmine and Ruthie.

Yes people who can dance are really great, especially after taking classes from Flare Dance which teaches us HipHop, locking, and modern jazz (my favourite)
Initially I though HipHop was my thing you know, with the R&B + HipHop rhyming but I was proved wrong after attending my first Jazz Class on POKER FACE.

I know the word Jazz sounds boring and lame but wait till you see the Flare Dance’s performance on POKER FACE! I hope I can find that somewhere in youtube with awesome dancers doing their thang on the stage during MUOSS Melbourne Uni’s Pasar Malam night 2 Fridays ago.

Anyway, the main point is JAZZ ROCKS AND LADY GAGA TOO!


Singing that beat reminds me of VII the other night!

Here you go truck load of pix to prove my dear xinyun wrong for not having enough pix in my blog. (dear you are gonna regret saying that :P)

while getting ready thanks for the invention of cosmetics to hide our flaws hahahahah.
No escape on full-length-mirrors!

Max Brennars @ QV Mall
while waiting for Sarah and gang:


If only we can have this for dessert everyday
~me love~

Very very random supposed to enter with Sarah Quek but ended up with Lynn-Nee instead. Very fun night without inhaling toxic-cigarette-FUMES with random people we met! Am telling you everybody who studies in Melbourne goes to that freakin club and chances of meeting friends in that club is 80% more than back in Malaysia me not kidding wakalukong! O____O”


DJ who plays LadyGaga rocks too :)

Lynn-Nee, Jessmine, me & Ruth.

Easter bunny!

Sunday night was pretty much as random.
Went to Anges’ for some drink party which was crazily drunk for everybody else except for me weeeeee~*
I wouldn’t wanna get drunk for the second time for hanging over ain’t fun at all!T_____T However am sure everybody had a lot of fun, with HwaLik crawling to the toilet 3/4/5 times and WeiShyan getting all high and started talking non-stop and sticked the lame ABSOLUTE VODKA sticker on my hp which I only realized today. Took me 2 days to realize that how unobservant I am I know!!(@____@” WeiShyan calls sticking that on my hp crazy boohoo so that’s what he calls crazy act huh lol!

although tipsy but still must take pix! :D
Obviously taking pix makes me happy!
hyper drunk guy wo hen pa!
And the keep-crawling-to-toilet-to-vomit-HwaLik.



Last Sunday Jessmine, AiMing, Irina and gang went to Camberwell Market for budget hunting during Easter Sunday and guess what Irina told me later that day?

She was searching through the web to find out if Camberwell market is open during Easter Sunday and WOOLLLAHHHH!!

my blog was the 4th in the search!! And that's how she found out about my blog how cool is that hahahahhhahahahha!

Anyway, njoy the rest of Easter holidays.
Research Paper is still such a pain on the ass boohoo :(

p/s: updates on BEE OUTING once I've got hold of the pix from JunHao later today yippeee~*

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