Sunday, April 26, 2009

it's effing cold are you kidding me!?!!!!

The weather is getting harsh and crazy.
I think the weather is PMS-ing now just like me boohooo :(

However despite the crazy cold weather, the 'trio-lipstick-jungle-co-stars' still managed to drag their asses to Camberwell Market AGAIN effing desperate I know. Well nothing can beat the joy of bargains! :D

(Mee don't worry I did not buy much this time because my wardrobe is exploding in no time O____O)

Weekend is over, here comes another week whytimehastopassbysofast(@*#&((*$(*%(*$
4 more weeks before final presentation can you freakin believe it!?!

I've just finally decided on doing air-port for my final project and now I've got only 4 weeks to work on it.
I don't want to have sleepless nights again.

Because of the cold-and-its-so-good-to-hibernate-weather,
Ruth and Jessmine are ngai lan ing on the bed.
Leaving me alone to camwhore with AiMingChow's kawaii mini camera watashiwa daisuki

May a good week come.
I don't want to screw studio up :(
Start squeezing creative juices LiYinism yayyyyy!
*syok sendiri very the pathetic =-=*

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