Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Finally a time to surf the net stress-freely!

Haven't been doing this since I came over, my days have been assignments, outing, assignments, outing, and MORE ASSIGNMENTS! Easter Break is finally here! First time having break after 5 weeks of class in Uni, don't know what to expect. More chocolates? And spending more money NOOOOOO! I might just spend my holidays working on the stupid research paper



Finally had the chance to update my bloggie template, linking many darlings I met in Melbourne wooohooohoooo it's a bloggie world~
And Herng suddenly made her bloggie private, have to catch up with her. Haven't been chatting with her since I came over :(

Bahha don't know what to talk about.
Project I, and II for studio Archi Design (Yes that's what they call studio here) are finally over, left Project III which is either a RAILWAY STATION, or an AIRPORT.

Not much site context to respond regarding the ait terminal I think I will end up choosing 'railway station' in case I do something OTT (over the top) again.

I miss this dish T______T
boohooo bad idea to browse through yummelicious food pictures!

Anyway, Easter break it is.
Happy holidays peeps.

Have a great one :)



  1. what is halo? i try google it, and it gave me a game? shooting?

    well for that dish, i like that spectacle instead of the food. xD

  2. Its the angelic ring thing above the angel~!!!
    Now you know songkeat!
    HALO SO HOLY~~~~~ :)

    Nice hor the specs I love to pose pictures with it.hahahahahha poor friend have to always lend me to take pictures hehehehhe!

  3. hmmm.... but it doesn't explain why you are addicted with the halo thingy? How about explain to us in next update?

    Yea.. it makes you look more? Hmm.. i can't think of a word to describe that. Just great... haha...
    well make sure you don't help them snap the spec into 2 just for the production of the pictures.

    :D take care o..