Monday, April 6, 2009

It gets crazier! Camberwell market love@!

Camberwell Morning Market again yesterday which was insanely crazy.
Bought an ESPRIT bag for $1!!! hahhaahhahaha..
Or rather 50 cents coz the shop owner returned me $4 when after I paid $5 for 2 bags.


vavavuuuuuuuuuuu the ESPRIT bag ehehhehehhee!

BAHHA I think I must refrain myself from shopping for the time being since mee's gonna faint when I told her I bought another 16+ items but what the heck easter is coming which means MORE SALES oh no.

Friday Freeway studio presentation went on okay, one of the lecturers said that it's very Gaudi.
Hahaha Jia that sure ring a bell eih? :)

But I don't wanna be like any other architects I want it to be,
"Oh that's very you, that's very much of LiYinism going on."

That's my aim woohoohooo~!

After presentation was the NIGHT MARKET in uni:

Stress free outing is really great!!!

If only it was Malaysia's pasar malam T_____________T

lol Jesslina's hamik-is happening-facial expression :P


Oh no the pants again.
Jia I don't always wear the tights it was a coincidence err okay maybe I do wear it often =-="

too lazy to think of what to wear early early morning and ended up wearing the same outfit as the pasar malam boohoo!

yum yum yoghurt for breakfast :P

Who on earth buys this many amount of bags!?!?!??!

And the amount keeps increasing.

Some kawaii stuff found in the market.
But too bad it's too expensive considering the other cheaper stuff we can get in the market.

The blouse am wearing supposed to be Jessmine's but too bad ponpontoobig. and she sold that blouse to me hiphiphorrayyyyyy!!

ONLY $1.


lengang week before easter break.
me love!!!

But okay mee no more shopping =-="


  1. I think i already fainted before you mom does. xD

  2. hamik laa!!! i really must.stop :(

  3. haha... i am u have to prepare a lot of paper box to ship ur stuff back when u graduated....