Thursday, May 21, 2009

$5 blazer

Yes I know I've been wearing this pants again and again since forever T_____T

Time to get a new pair of tights but I can't seem to find any! Sheeesh my hips are indeed getting wider and meaty (slash) fatter O.M.G time to lose some fats coz HIPS DON'T LIE SHAKIRA SHAKIRA *slap*.. So am currently in uni doing sketch up model for the very first time in my life! YES FINALLY A 3D DIGITAL MODEL please I know I should have started doing one since 2 years ago but nothing is ever too late. :)

Just watched Gossip Girl season 2 finale just now.

Chuck and Blair together finally and the b!tch is back owh what's her name okay whatever.

Season 3 will be out in a few months time. I guess my only way of killing my winter time besides hibernating at home is go traveling! Sydney at least ok! :)

As you can see, I'm pretty much OBSESSED with the new head band I bought for $5 (original price was $59.95) yes lovin it coz it's very much of LiYinism going on with the curved maroon+violet pattles waddatoot ownself declair =-="

Jia!! Here are the pix of the blazar!

Nice horrrrr!!



Btw I got all these for free from Camberwell Market last Sunday.

I know I'm super duper lucky hallelujah T________T

We were shopping at the stall beside this stall with 2 kind old uncles taking care of it and when the clock struck 12pm one of the kind uncle went, "Everything on the ground FREE, everything for FREE grab whatever you want, it's FREE....!"

Yes I've got to emphasize the word F.R.E.E. coz that is a super magical word ever invented.

*bells ringing and angels singing hallelujah*

Being a typical Malaysian (-____- beh paiseh) I quickly went over and grab the bracelet which first caught my attention. Initially I didn't want to be greedy and intended to grab ONLY the bracelet BUT!!.. Yes, BUT!! the earrings/bracelets/necklace/etc were all ENTANGLED together! No I'm not kidding and it's not an excuse for grabbing all of it okay =-=" (Although part of me wanted all of them boohooo =X) So anyway, here goes the stuff that I've managed to grab:

*wide beam*

And yes I got a wig from there too!

Call me geli but I've been wanting to try out different hairstyles!



Katy Perry on loose!!


Skyped with Mee, Ahma, and Mak Ee that Saturday which was really short and sweet :)

List of what I bought from Victoria Market:
  1. 1kg of grapes for - $1.00
  2. 1 bunch of broccoli - $0.50
  3. 10 kiwis - $1.00
  4. 1kg of apples - $0.50
  5. Rock Melon - $0.50
  6. 2 capsicums - $0.20

Everybody at home was really shocked to find out the super yasui cheap price for fruits and vegetables that can be found in Victoria Market! Yes me am beginning to love groceries shopping there symptoms of becoming an aunty. Oh wait am already one @____@"


My train station and I. Haven't been posting architecture stuff lately I guess it's time to show a little of my progression since it's the 2nd final week gosh I still can't believe it's the 2nd final week already! Back in Taylor's everybody will be stresssing out already at this point of time with half of the class staying over in digilab busy building a 3D digital model and guess what I'm doing here, blogging for goodness sake! =-="

Me and my development models.





P/S: Damnthat@(*!@)#(*#)(*EKA)(#*$)(*#$ that rule-by-rule-follower gosh I hate those people, thinking by living in this world following rules that are set by some random people they will succeed in life!#)$(*)#(*$#$%^Like that why not you go live in those communist country and live in that hegemony where the citizens bow and hail the government with all mighty heart without having a say in their life %*&#)#(!#$farkk@#(*$%!... gonna have to see Ann Marie about my research paper later and hopefully everything will go on well. *finger crossed*

Anyhow, am still feeling thankful to Cho for allowing me a piece of mind to explore myself and discover what I truely want in this subjective world of architecture. Seriously, I've learnt a lot from Cho throughout this semester. Go Cho!! :)


GOing on pretty well for me, (since I don't expect much for myself and getting a 3D model done ALL-HAIL-LIYINISM!!) I'm tad proud of myself for having a 3D digital montage like finally woohooooooo~! :)










crap about the sucky sketch up skills and yes montages of myself in those photos am just vain like that :P

They are just a conceptual montage but I'm very proud of them already weeeeeeeee~


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