Saturday, May 16, 2009

Resident Evil!!

Jesslyn Leong and Xinli are over here in Melbourne already!
Had a great first Friday night a few hours ago!

No doubt pictures all the way and our all time favourite Friday night past-time, kisiao in the apartment and last night we invented toast marshmallows using the fire from the stove waddaeff right =-="

Baked marshmallows on stove you should totally try it out.
Save the hessle of lighting up bulks of tree trunk okay I'm just kidding =-="

Yayy!! Babes group picture outside Woolworths after half an hour shopping from 1130-12am for goodness sake that's our lame Friday night O____O"

Anyway, going to Victoria Market in a while and SOUND OF MUSIC SING ALONG @ Melbourne Arts Centre tonight with Melysa's! :D

wooooo excitedness I know, the first opera concert I'll attend ever! :D :D :D


Alright, gotta go prepare although Ruth is still sleeping like a log as always. :P


Updates on: Last week's random RESIDENT EVIL outing me love!

Resident Evil has been my all time favourite horror movie.
Not too gross, not too scary, just in tune for some adrenaline rush and excitement! :)

Last Saturday when we were getting ready to go to Law Building to settle our Research Paper (super conducive environment to study さすが(=sasuga=果然=kononnya, can't seem to find the right word for English to put in here) Law Building. Yes I know!! LAW very scary word right?!

Okay back to the topic.

I was preparing lunch to take to Law Building to continue on my research paper where they provide microwave oven and sofa owhh you just feel like staying there forever and if it were to be an architecture building, am sure I've already got my pillow and mattress there because of the perfect ambience to study+sleep+watch series with the super high speed internet!


I was about to start studying when Sean sms-ed me about there'll be zombies walking down the street in the city later in the afternoon. Initially I wasn't interested considering the fact that freakin research paper is still such a pain in the ass, and I just hesitantly told Ruth about the news when she woke up. Well, since it sounded interested ZOMBIES we searched through Facebook group and WOLLAHHHHH!! There were killer photos like literally KILLER PHOTOS with gross blood and scary people on the streets of Melbourne!

for more info


Lost zombies on the street.

the zombies were supposed to meet in Carlton Gardens @ 1pm but we were already running late by the time we dressed up and painted our face.

Ruth and I were really worried we will not be able to find our 'congregate' but lucky thing we found the zombies!!!

Ultra excitedness!!

Yay!!! Lost souls/bodies no more!!

Spot the freaked up MOOKS' customers.

Amazed crowd.

Imagine you going out shopping and strolling down the city expecting nothing and see a bunch of zombies crawling down the street! O_______O"

Nominated the best scariest photo by LiYinism :)


Don't worry that's a guy with the belly.

Super slim legs he has so unfair! =-="

"In the process of becoming a zombie, stop taking pictures people and RUN!!!!!"

You can totally imagine her reincarnating and chasing humans right?! :D

Super cute zombie boys!

Amazing me manage to capture this Zombie love birds shot!

Super gross am telling you the I-DON'T-KNOW-WHAT-IT'S-MADE-OF-BLOOD I wonder how they manage to kiss with blood stains on their lips!! O_O"

We found a bottle of blood on the street and started painting it on our faces.

I guess they are spreading the 'love' with blood huh?! :)

Spot the pencil guy behind kickin' I know!

Devoted zombies unlike us =-="

Here goes a few videos to end my zombie post:

Yearning for BRAINS from the residents in QV.

Zombie attack @ MOOKS!!


Enjoy the weekend my friends~!


  1. haha... ur one also style mah... some how like not enough sleep then die..bcome zombie.... end up with black eyes!

  2. wah songkeat 有道理!!