Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Christopher Alexander may you give me your wisdom and power~!

It's the final week to really work on the !(@*&$(*&$@ research paper.
Late night sleeps have been making me devour tonnes of the

We tried!!
Placing junk foods in the so-called "unreachable" upper shelves but attempt to keep them away still fail to overcome the temptation and urge to pop in and munch the yummelicious mouth-watering chips T_______T

The non-strategic places where we store the junk food.
top shelves and behind healthy cereals woo!


I tried T_____T

So in order to burn some fats



The new invention to get rid of stubborn fats:
Play a music video and go move it move it! :)

laugh not coz confirm there'll be sweating right after the 4 minutes video woohoo!!


Random shots taken in the city.

Seriously brain-dead and dunno what to write for caption.

Anyway just enjoy the video!

Back to more crapping for research paper.

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