Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gossip Girl Episode 24

This episode is so far the most meaningful episode I've seen so far.
Talking about prom, going back to the past, looking forward to the future and stuff..

poor Chuck..

ahhhh anyway back to reality!

Submission for research paper was yesterday woohoo~!
Finally it's done after weeks of struggling.
Blame Taylor's for not teaching us a proper way of writing a research paper!
(Or rather myself boohoooo =-=)

It's autumn here, leaves are turning orange and shedding.
Not that it has any relevance to my life considering me staying in 24/7 summer-Malaysia, but walking on the streets here is kinda nostalgic, makes you want to just sing and fall in love~ *Slap* okay I was just kidding on the last part but seriously, Autumn is really prettyyyyyy :)

Random shots taken in Uni:

And this is what happens when you got bored of the text and this is when

all-hail-vanity kicks in!:

Seriously, the eye bags!?!?!?! O________O

No time for break. AutoCAD for studio Architectural Design this Friday and I've been slacking since last night. Freddo's is freakin yummy Roche will be my top list from now on!! :)


Dee!! When you come over will bring you there.
Am sure you'll never want to leave the shop!! :)

Went to Safeway after the great ice-cream indulgence and spotted Special K offer,
2 boxes for $7 (in comparison with $5.80 per box) BUY LIKE SIAO!!!!!

Unexpected groceries shopping always ends up UNEXPECTEDLY LOADED! =-="

Alright I guess it's time for more studio, at least I can put theories aside temporarily!
Architectural Practice I seriously don't know what to expect for this final submission.
Jesslyn is coming over to Melbourne in 24 hours time!
Party this weekend weeeeheeeeeheeeeeeee~!

But again, ARCHI DESIGN back to AutoCAD as if I've already started +___+"
Okay okay I'll start nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww I HATE STRAIGHT LINES @#$)*@#&$..

LiYinism is all about curve and movement!
I guess that's my niche! :)


  1. that's is a lot of boxes!
    i used to eat when still studying.. cause got time time to soh here soh there before go school..

    now... haha.. makan sendiri...

  2. why la so kesian makan sendiri!
    hahah, now upgrade, eat out ade right?! :)

  3. I like the place u study...nice view...

    You really shopped a lot! haha...

    Have fun!!