Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Please don't take my niceness for granted.

It's not much of a big deal.

Maybe am just over-reacting over the little misunderstanding that happened.
However who knows it's this little thing that made me had a smack on my head about the fact that that have been happening all along without me realizing it, the fact that people tend to push you around when you treat them nicer than others. It is true that you will have more friends in a way, easy going and stuff, but then when it comes to a point when people realize that you are too nice and dont feel the need to respect you, thats when things start to get on my nerve.

It's not about the money issue that is bothering me,
it's about what friends around me perceive friendship and trust.

Having known the fact that friends I trust does not go vice versa hurts me most,
which eventually makes me think, maybe I shouldn't be too nice.

thanks ebichan~~~~~~ T_____T...........


  1. cheers babeh. there are too many kinda people around only we come to realise it at this transition stage. i did go through this sorta things too =) you can do it!! call me anytime if you need me.