Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Architectural Design 3a of Melbourne University.

I've basically done everything that is required from the brief for this Friday's final presentation. I know, it's only Tuesday and I'm done with my work woohooohooo~! I think it's because of the previous years in Taylor's whereby I was always the first to present, well at least for the last 2 studio in semester 5 and 6 during my Diploma course. Sem5 was because of my beloved family trip to Krabi Thailand and I had to present a week before the actual presentation date, same goes to my semester 6 final presentation because of Kota Kinabalu trip with ahma and all :)

At the same time I guess it's just about how much you expect from yourself, and since I've already done what I expect myself to do for this final architectural design project, consider myself happy and satisfied! :D *self declare*

Chatted with mee a while just now, how I wish I can skype and show what's happening in uni now, besides all the boom boom pow which by now you've already know from Facebook if you are a 24/7 Facebook freak like me =_____=". When it comes to times like this, stressing out for studio and being up working when it's time to sleep, here comes the usual LiYinism-kisiao-routine in search for excitement in the boring studio.

BTW!!! stupid theories, AnnMarie decided to retain my grade waddatoooot its a huge disappointment no doubt :( but what to do, life goes on and I won't let this petty grade bring me down!


"I am beautiful, no matter what they say.... words won't bring me down~~~~"
(Christina Aguilera- Beautiful)

aiyooo just let me syok sendiri a while since I quite emo because of that stupid grade T____T

Speaking of the word Chris, Kris Allen! American Idol season 8 winner!
I got the news first from my dearest mee back home last Thursday!! :)

Mee is very the 'in' one leh, don't play play~~~~~~ :)

I still remember mee wanted to cut MTV and Channel V from Astro coz Tatt boy was addicted to music videos from those channels during SPM period 2 years ago, but since E! Channel is part of the package, mee decided to drop that decision hehehe.

Anyway, here goes pictures!

My 1:500 scale model with cars and human kawaii kunai!!?! :)


As usual, pictures without failing to add my big wide face in hehehh *retarded smile*

Pictures with Xindi!!

it has been a while huh! :)

Ok time for 1:200 model aiyo I wanna go home T____T lol so random.

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